About Baka Regional Council

The Greater Baka Community Council oversees and initiates community wide programming for six neighborhoods in South Jerusalem:
  • Baka
  • Arnona
  • Talpiyot
  • Shikunei Talpiyot
  • Abu Tor
  • Mekor chaim.

The Community Council Employs 105 people and the Board of Directors is made up of 15 public representatives 9 of which are residents of the neighborhoods (each of the six neighborhoods having at least 1 representative), and six public officials either from The Municipality of Jerusalem or from the Association of Community Centers in Israel (Hachevra Lamatnasim).

The main objective of the work of the Community Council is "to improve the lives and wellbeing of the residents of the neighborhood".

The Community Council serves over 32,000 residents in two main aspects:
  • Community development programs based on community democracy whereby the citizen living in the neighborhood has the opportunity to influence the decisions that are made regarding their own lives.  This is achieved in the areas of: Education, Youth, Early Childhood Education, Urban Development, Absorption of new immigrants etc. on a formal and informal basis, by means of public committees for each issue in each neighborhood.  The residents are able to voice their opinions on issues affecting them and influence the decisions of public officials through the Community Council.  As well members of the Board of Directors have open discussions with residents to receive their advice and input before decisions are made.
  • Professional Services including: Extra-curricular informal enrichment activities, Afternoon Daycare facilities, varied cultural events on a neighborhood scale and also on a city wide level.

The Community Council works in cooperation and has exposure to:
  • The neighborhood residents
  • The Municipality of Jerusalem
  • Governmental offices and agencies
  • Schools
  • Synagogues of all denominations
  • Health funds
  • Kindergartens
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Other varied community organizations and businesses.

One of our main endeavors is the "Derech Beit Lechem Festival" which occurs during the Sukkot Festival
in fall. 
Each year the Community Council closes Derech Beit Lehem Street and invites local artists and businesses to take part in a huge community wide celebratory event.
Last year over 25,000 people came from all over the country to take part and enjoy the rich cultural life of Greater Baka on one of the most pastoral streets of the city. 
This year we are planning to add more festival like this in other neighborhoods that we serve.

Most of the activities that are organized by the Community Council take place in the main building which is located at 3 Yissachar St. 
This is a very central location in Jerusalem which stands out and is accessible to all. 
The Building itself however is not big enough to house all of the events and extra-circular activities that are needed and desired by the residents of the communities and a major renovation of the building and the open space outside it is needed in order to provide for these needs. 

Additionally, there are many necessary changes to be done in order to accommodate the population of students with special needs that we cater our services to.

We would greatly appreciate your partnership in helping us to accommodate the needs of our community.

Please find attached pictures of our building. 

More information on the activities of the Community Council is available on
our website: www.baka.org.il and on facebook: מינהל קהילתי בקעה רבתי.